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"If you love us, please love all animals, because we are all the same!"

"Berkley The Guru"


(A note from Berkley's co-author and Dad)


For so many of us, it is sometimes hard to find what we are good at or what our special talents are. Some go their whole lives and not find it but I have learned a lot from my dog Berkley. In his first book, "BerkleyTheGuru Saves The Day",  he shows us all that just being kind and motivated to act is one of the most special talents you can have in life. 

This story was inspired by Berkley who yes, is a 100% real yellow Labrador career change dog, who I was fortunate to adopt in 2013.


The truth about Berkley is he loves all animals. He is calm, peaceful, loving and has a naturally therapeutic quality to him that everyone immediately recognizes. The story, is just a story but one I thought of because it’s a type of story that I believe Berkley could make happen. I wanted to be able to share Berkley’s love for animals and give him a voice to ask humans to be kind to all animals not just pets.


Berkley has been a vegan for 2 years and has adjusted to his diet very well and this story hopes to inspire more people to see the benefits of veganism especially for reasons of animal welfare. Berkley’s challenge to all of us is can we live together with the animals in kindness and peace in a vegan lifestyle so that no animals need to be harmed? 

Berkley believes, if people love him and other dogs and cats they should love all animals.  

There is no difference in between cute dogs like me and cute cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys etc.... So please consider becoming VEGAN, you won't regret it!


Berkley Guru Cover.png
BerkleyTheGuru Back Cover.png

Color illustrated paperback

Easy and enjoyable quick read.


Suitable for ages 7 to 107

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