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"Hi, If you love me please love all animals, we are all the same"


Meet Berkley The Guru

Hi my name is Berkley and I am a yellow labrador who just finished writing my first book!  I have a loving family, lots of friends and really love ALL animals.  My new illustrated book is ideal for all ages 7 to 107!   "Berkley The Guru Saves The Day", is an inspiring short story of my adventures to save my animal friends in my neighborhood.

Oh, by the way, I love to FLOP! Yes flop.  I enjoy while on walks to suddenly flop down, sometimes very theatrically, to get attention or demand that I get to stay and play with my animal friends.  Most of the time I love to flop just to play games with my Dad to get a treat out of him!

I hope you order my book and enjoy it and inspires you to take action in any cause you feel important in your neighborhood, especially if it involves helping animals!

It is difficult for all of us to discover what our purpose in life or if we have any special talents.  This is so common so don't worry BerkleyTheGuru has the answer. 


BE KIND to ALL ANIMALS and fight for them since they don't have a voice.   By standing up for animals that can't defend themselves your special talent and purpose of getting involved on their behalf is revealed!

Remember Veganism is no diet, it is a kind, sustainable and healthy lifestyle that makes you feel so great! 

VEGAN: A 100% plant based way of eating, shopping and living so that no animals are harmed.  

GO VEGAN and I will be here to help!


*Please also consider adopting a senior dog

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